October 1961

Columbia University Psychoanalytic Clinic On-Going Activities

A number of important additions have been made to the Psychoanalytic Clinic recently:

1. The spring semester Research Seminars, organized in 1957 by Dr. Daniel Shapiro, have brought some of the leading investigators in psychoanalysis and related fields from all over the continent to the Clinic. Among those who made presentations during the past year were Drs. Theodore Lidz, Paul MacLean, John Benjamin, and Philip Solomon. These seminars are an integral part of the fourth year teaching program. A course reviewing various frames of reference in psychoanalysis and an intensive review of current literature helped to prepare the students for the seminars. Association members and other visitors are welcome to attend.

2. The Research Committee has stimulated a more diversified research program, involving both older and younger staff members. Projects under way include: assessment of ego-strength; reparative treatment of homosexuality; selection of students for psychoanalytic training; the effects of the Clinical Conference on patients in treatment and continuing follow-up study of patients who have completed reconstructive psychoanalytic treatment. A variety of problems in psychosomatic medicine are being investigated, including a continuing study of ulcerative colitis. In addition, problems of theoretical critique are being studied as is a means of coding Clinic records for electronic computer. If successful the latter would permit more intensive study of the Clinic’s 1500 records of completed cases.

3. Courses in methodology and research have been added to the basic research courses which have been in existence since the inception of the Clinic. An elective course in research is now being offered and candidates are encouraged to participate in research projects. One senior candidate was so engaged last year.

4. The Clinic is the grateful beneficiary of a $100,000 bequest of the late Mrs. David M. Levy. Of this sum, $75,000 will form the Adele Levy Loan Fund for Students, which will make available funds of up to $2000 a year with a total of $6000 per student. The remaining $25,000 will be available as a fluid research fund.

5. Frank Reisman, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology, Bard College will spend the 1961-62 year at the Clinic as a Resident Scholar, studying and doing research investigations.
The Clinic Welcomes the inception of the BULLETIN and the opportunity to inform the Association members of Clinic activities.