The Bulletin was launched in October 1961 with James P. Cattell, M.D. as its first Editor and David M. Levy, M.D. as Consulting Editor with Drs. Arnold M. Cooper, Howard Davidman, Terry C. Rodgers, and Daniel Shapiro as Associate Editors. Although the idea for a Bulletin of the Association for Psychoanalytic Medicine was discussed as early as 1945, it was George Goldman, M.D., the President of the APM, who appointed the Committee on Publication in 1960 and eventually named the first editorial staff. The initial circulation was 300 that reached 1200 by 1970 (for comparison, today our circulation is in the range of 2600 -3000).

Table of Contents, Volume 1, October 1961, Number 1

Ego Dynamics in Early Childhood: Pathologic-Experimental Approaches
William Goldfarb, M.D.
(A Report of the January 3, 1961 Scientific Meeting of the Association)

Transformation of Oral Impulses in Eating Disorders: A Conceptual Approach
Hilde Bruch, M.D.
(A Report of the February 7, 1961 Scientific Meeting of the Association)

Editorials 2
Association News and Notes:
Message from the President 12
Scientific Meeting: October 3, 1961 13
Dr. Daniels Honored 14
Program Committee Plans Innovations 14
Goldman Heads Psychoanalytic Clinic 15
Columbia University Psychoanalytic Clinic On-Going Activities 15