Table of Contents: Volume 36. Fall/Winter 1999
The APM Program 1999-2000
Scientific Meetings — Commentaries and Reviews
Freud - Frink - Brill: A Puzzling Episode in the History of Psychoanalysis
presenter: Arthur Zitrin, M.D.
introduction: Burton Lerner, M.D.
discussant: Harold P. Blum, M.D.
reviewer: Alexander Lerman, M.D.

Analytical Listening and the Act of Prescribing Medicine
presenter: Larry Sandberg, M.D.
discussant: Steven Roose, M.D.
reviewer: Elizabeth Schwarz, M.D.

Dissecting Love: A Commentary on “Neuropsychology of Lust, Infatuation and Attachment: Drive Theory Revisited“
by David V. Forrest, M.D.
presenter: Helen Fisher, Ph.D.
discussant: Eric Marcus, M.D.

The Blinded Eye: A Commentary on the Panel “Envy: Excitement and Danger”
by Eleanor Schuker, M.D.
panelists: Adrienne Harris, Ph.D., and Rita Frankiel, Ph.D.
moderator: Jules Kerman, M.D.

Original Contributions
Translating Ferenczi’s Spiritism and Der Morphinismus
by George Sagi, M.D.

Inside Picture Books
by Ellen Handler Spitz, Ph.D.

News from the Columbia Psychoanalytic Center
director: Robert A. Glick, M.D.
New Graduates 56
The Center Welcomes Its New Candidates 62
Sándor Radó Advanced Psychoanalytic Seminars (RAPS) 65
Looking Back
News from the First Issue of Our 1961 Bulletin 70
Personal Notes
George E. Daniels Merit Award: Eleanor Schuker, M.D.      
by Eric Marcus, M.D.

Book Review
City of One: A Gift to All of Us
by Ethel Spector Person, M.D.

Francine Cournos: City of One: A Memoir (excerpts) 79