Table of Contents: Volume 34, 1995/96
Editor’s Note 2
Reports on Scientific Meetings, Panel Discussions
Preliminaries for an Integration of Psychoanalysis and Neuroscience
Presenter: Mark Solms, Ph.D., Discussants: Eric Marcus, M.D., David Olds, M.D.;
Reporter: Craig Tomlinson, M.D.

Panel Discussion: On Psychoanalytic Technique
Panelists: Arnold Cooper. M.D., Ralph Roughton, M.D., Herbert Schlesinger, Ph.D.;
Reporter: Nancy Horowitz, M.D.

The Robert S. Liebert Lecture
Tribute to Robert Liebert: Eleanor Schuker, M.D., and Robert Michels, M.D.

Gustav Mahler and the Eternal Feminine
Presenter: Stuart Feder, M.D.; Reporter: Eugene Goldberg, M.D.

Panel Discussion: The Training Case: A Unique Psychoanalytic Situation
Presenters, Robert Glick, M.D., Deborah Cabaniss, M.D.; Discussants: Jeff Halpern, M.D.;
Arnold Cooper, M.D.; Reporter, Stuart Taylor, M.D.

The Reconstruction of a Repressed Sexual Molestation Fifty Years Later
Presenter: Milton Viederman, M.D.; Discussant: Rita Frankiel, Ph.D.;
Reporter: Judith Lewis, M.D.

Queers, Lesbians, Woman and Other Theoreticians
Panelists: Catherine Stimpson, Ph.D., Ethel Person, M.D., Roy Schafer, Ph.D.;
Reporter: H. David Stein, M.D.

Changes in the Analyst: Personal Reflections
Panelists: Theodore J. Jacobs, M.D., Otto F. Kernberg, M.D., Owen Renik, M.D.;
Reporter: Alexander Broden, M.D.

The Role of Subjectivity in Psychoanalytic Theory and Controversy
Presenter: Francis Baudry, M.D.; Discussants: Helen Meyers, M.D., Ellen Peyser, M.D.;
Reporter: Stuart Taylor, M.D.

Managed Psychoanalysis: Pro and Con
Panelists: Susan Lazar, MD., Eric Marcus, M.D., Samuel Pauker, M.D., Josef Weissberg, M.D.;
Reporter: Vivian Pender, M.D.

Original Contributions
On Analytic Listening
Daniel Shapiro, M.D. and Jose Barchilon, M.D.

A Psychoanalytic Pilgrimage to Delphi
Stuart Taylor, M.D.

Conversion of a Case of an Action Prone Patient with a History of Traumatic Overstimulation
Burton Lerner, M.D.

Personal Notes
Presentation of the Daniels Award to Gerald Fogel, M.D. by Helen C. Meyers, M.D. 76
Jennifer Fleischner, Ph.D. interviews Bluma Swerdloff, D.S.W. 79

Book Review

By Force of Fantasy, by Ethel S. Person, M.D.; Discussion by Helen Golden, Ph.D. 88