by Steven P. Roose, M.D.
Elizabeth L. Auchincloss, M.D.
(guest editors)

This special issue of The Bulletin is jointly sponsored by the Association for Psychoanalytic Medicine and the Columbia University Center for Psychoanalytic Training and Research. It is part of our celebration of Drs. Helen and Donald Meyers, organized to thank them for their contributions to both organizations, to the American and the International Psychoanalytic Associations, and to our field as a whole. It is for analytic historians to reaffirm the importance of their intellectual contributions, however, no amount of appreciation of their scholarship will ever capture the profound impact that Helen and Don have had on their students and peers, not simply as colleague but as hosts, guests, traveling companions, advisors and above all, friends.

We offer this collection of reminiscences, oral histories, and fantasies to share the experience of being with Helen and Don. Our instructions to the authors were simple; write whatever you want about the Meyers. The limitations of space meant that we could not include all of the many, many people who wanted to contribute. As we find it impossible to capture the essence of the Meyers without engaging more of the senses, this special issue also includes a pictorial history. This volume of the Bulletin constitutes the ultimate peer re-view journal.