The Association for Psychoanalytic Medicine

Special Lectures

1. The International Psychoanalytic Scholar Invitational Lectureship (formerly the Andre B. Ballard Lectureship)

The Lecturship is ponsored by the APM in collaboration with the Psychoanalytic Center.
The event is entirely financed by the APM membership’s voluntary contributions, and is held every three years.

A distinguished psychoanalytic scholar gives a formal lecture at the Academy, a seminar for candidates at the Center, and two or three seminars for APM members and faculty, over a period of several days.

Herbert Rosenfeld, M.D. – 1981
Leon Grinberg, M.D. – 1982
Joyce McDougall, Ed.D. – 1984
Janine Chasseguet-Smirgel, M.D. – 1984
Joseph Sandler, M.D. – 1985
Prof. Patrick Mahony – 1989
Betty Joseph – 1990
Dr. Horacio Etchegoyen – 1993
Dr. Raquel Zak de Goldstein – 1994
Dr. Andre Green — 1995
Dr. John Steiner –1999
Ronald Britton – 2003
Helmut Thomae – 2005
Antonino Ferro – 2008
Marilia Asienstein – 2012
Alessandra Lemma – 2013

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2. The Abram Kardiner Lectureship

In 1978 the Association for Psychoanalytic Medicine established the Abram Kardiner Lectureship on Psychoanalysis and Culture in recognition of Dr. Kardiners’ role as an internationally respected pioneer in the application of psychoanalysis to the study of culture. Dr. Kardiner was one of the founder’s of the Association and of the Columbia University Center for Psychoanalytic Training and Research. Awarded once every three years by the APM for a distinguished contribution to the applications of psychoanalytic understanding to the study of culture. “The lectureship will confer special recognition to other distinguished contributors in this area and will encourage further efforts of excellence on the interdisciplinary path where Dr. Kardiner dedicated so much of his professional effort. The lecturer will be chosen from those who have significantly furthered knowledge knowledge in the social sciences and humanities through the application of psychoanalytic understanding or who, if not specifically applying a psychoanalytic approach, have nevertheless made outstanding contributions having special revelance to psychoanalysis.

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Professor Steven Marcus – 1979
William Goldfarb, M.D. – 1982
George Vaillant, M.D. – 1984
Vincent Crapanzano, Ph.D. – 1987
L. Bryce Boyer, M.D. – 1989
Bennett Simon, M.D. – 1991
Richard Kuhns, Ph.D. – 1993
Daniel Freeman – 1997
Prof. Sudhir Kakar –  2002
Akeel Bilgram, Ph.D. – 2007
Eric Laurent, PhD.  2011.

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3. The David M. Levy and William Goldfarb Lecture on Psychoanalysis and Child Development

The David M. Levy Lectureship was established in 1978 to honor Dr. Levy, an internationally recognized researcher of child development, and one of the founders of the Association and the Columbia University Center for Psychoanalytic Training and Research. Dr. Levy was a pioneer in mother-infant observation, and a leader of the Child Mental Health Movement; terms like “sibling rivalry” and “maternal overpotection” were coined as a result of his early research efforts.

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The lectureship is sponsored by the APM, and awarded every three years. In addition to the formal lecture, program may include a reception, 2-3 other small seminars for members, and a seminar for candidates at the Center.

Louis Sander, M.D. – 1978
Mary Ainsworth, M.D. – 1980
Daniel M. Stern, M.D. – 1983
Jerome Bruner, Ph.D. – 1985
Dr. Bertrand Cramer – 1987
Robert N. Emde, M.D. – 1992
Prof. Peter Fonagy – 1996
Ann-Marie Sandler – 2000
Sylvia Bell, Ph.D. – 2004
Christine Anzieu – 2009
Alan Sugarman, Ph.D. – 2010

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4. The Robert S. Liebert Lecture

The Robert S. Liebert Memorial Fund was jointly established in 1988 by the Association of Psychoanalytic Medicine and the Columbia Psychoanalytic Center. The Lectureship is awarded in recognition of outstanding scholarship in applied psychoanalysis. It is given every year or two, at an October APM Scientific Meeting or at the Kardiner Lecture.
Robert Samuel Liebert, M.D.
(1930 -1988)

Milton Viederman, M.D. – 1990
Ellen Handler Spitz, Ph.D. – 1991
Paul Schwaber, Ph.D. – 1993
Stuart Feder, M.D. – 1995
Glen Gabbard , M.D. – 1997
Peter Gay, Ph.D. – 1999
Robert Paul, Ph.D. – 2000
Katherine Dalsimer, Ph.D. – 2001
Meredith Anne Skura, Ph.D. – 2002
Salman Akhtar, M.D. – 2003
Nancy Chodorow, P.D. – 2004
Kay Redfield Jamison, Ph.D. – January 2006
Jonathan Lear – December 2006
David Rosand, Ph.D. – 2008
Richard Rusbridger – 2009
Vera Camden, Ph.D. – January 2010
Sander Gilman, Ph.D. – December 2010
Richard Kogan, M.D. – 2011
Peter Dunn, M.D. – 2014

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5. The Sándor Radó Lecture

The Sándor Radó Lectureship was initiated in 1957 shortly befor Dr. Radó’s retirement to commemorate his seminar of 16 two-hour lectures on advanced psychoanalytic technique he gave to the senior class in 1956. The Sándor Radó Lecture is given each year in the Spring at the Academy of Medicine in New York City and is funded jointly by the APM and the Columbia University Psychoanalytic Center to honor the memory of Dr. Radó, the first Director of the Center. The lecture carries a $500 honorarium and expenses.
Sándor Radó, M.D.


Thomas French, M.D.. 1957
Franz Alexander, M.D., 1958
Abram Kardiner, M.D., 1959
John Bowlby, M.D., 1960
David M. Levy, M.D., 1961
Edith Weigert, M.D., 1962
Michael Balint, M.D., 1963
Gardner Murphy, Ph.D., 1964
George E. Daniels, M.D., 1965
I. Arthur Mirsky, M.D., 1966
George L. Engel, M.D., 1967
Eugene Pumpian-Mindlin, M.D., 1968
Rene Dubos, M.D., 1968
Peter Wolff, M.D., 1969
Joan Fleming, M.D., 1971
Phyllis Greenacre, M.D., 1972
B. Ruth Easser, M.D., 1973
Hans Loewald, M.D., 1974
Joseph Sandler, Ph.D., 1975
Roy Schafer, Ph.D., 1976
Edward M. Weinshel, M.D., 1977
Robert Holt, Ph.D., 1978
John E. Gedo, M.D., 1979
Aaron Karush, M.D., 1981
Willard Gaylin, M.D., 1982
Lionel Ovesey, M.D., 1983
Otto F. Kernberg, M.D., 1984
Arnold Cooper, M.D., 1985
Robert Michels, M.D., 1986
Jacob Arlow, M.D., 1987
William I. Grossman, M.D., 1988
Anton O. Kris, M.D., 1989
Ethel S. Person, M.D., 1990
Theodore Shapiro, M.D., 1991
Arnold Goldberg, M.D., 1992
Herbert J. Schlesinger, Ph.D., 1993
Helen C. Meyers, M.D., 1994
Robert Wallerstein, M.D., 1995
Daniel Stern, M.D., 1996
Paul Ornstein, M.D., 1997
Lawrence Inderbitzen, M.D., 1998
Judith Chused, M.D., 1999
Ann-Marie Sandler, 2000
Jay Greenberg, Ph.D., 2001
Robert A. Glick, M.D., 2002
Steven T. Levy, M.D, 2003
Peter Fonagy, Ph.D., 2004
Drew Westen, Ph.D., 2005
Lucy LaFarge, M.D. , 2006
George Makari, M.D., 2007
Myron Hofer, M.D., 2008
Eric Kandel, M.D., 2009
Robert Paul, Ph.D., 2010
Lawrence Friedman, M.D., 2011
Warren Poland, M.D, – 2012
Mary Target, Ph.D. – 2013
Bonnie Litowitz, Ph.D – 2014

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